Certified Organic

Tava Tea Certified 100% Organic

Certified Organic Tava TeaThe idea of drinking a green tea is to help with your weight loss and health.

Don’t undo all the good you are doing for your body and your wellbeing by adding more toxins from the very green tea you are drinking to help improve yourself!

Tava Tea is guaranteed 100% Organic, why buy a green tea that contains anything else.

Unlike other brands Tava Tea is 100% Organic



You deserve to know exactly what you’re buying and Tava Tea has nothing to hide in the quality of the product.

Organic Certification

Certified Organic Tava TeaTava Tea has both CERES and USDA Organic certification.


What is CERES Organic certification?

QAI makes sure that Tava Tea strictly meet all the USDA National Organic Program regulations. They keep meticulous records and QAI inspects them once a year. Every year, they reapply for their certification. The farmers Tava Tea work with go through this same rigorous process, so you can be certain that organic practices are followed on the farm.

Certification means Tava Tea can trace the product from farm to shelf. You can trace it from the farm, to the mill , to the manufacturer and to the end product you buy. You can trust our products and have confidence in them.


Certificate of Analysis

Tava Tea also has a Certificate of Analysis for each of the teas used in Tava Tea.

Certified Organic Tava Tea

This ensures that the only thing that is in the Tava Tea is the tea itself. Sounds obvious right?

You would think so, but unfortunately there are unscrupulous manufactures who will try and add fillers or other types of cheaper, less effective teas to bulk it out , just to save them money!

Tava Tea Wellness Brand really is the best slimming and healing tea blend for your money on the market today.

The certificate of analysis is the real proof that what Tava Tea has is 100% pure Sencha, Oolong and Puerh and nothing else. This certificate is issued prior to entry into the country. This shows that random samples were tested under HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) and also checks for other things like bacteria.

If there was ever an issue the product would never even make it into the country. So not only are you getting the most powerful organic , triple tea blend, but the quality of the tea is better than the majority of other teas available.